“Towards promoting gender equality and freedom of expression in the film sector, and challenging existing stereotypes related to the image and role of females in the film making industry”

Under the project “Enhancing a gender responsive film sector in the South Mediterranean Region”, this online directory is created to promote a non-stereotyped female representation in film and foster female film professionals to combat gender-based stereotypes. It aims at highlighting the profile of women in the field and tackling inequality. Moreover, the directory will serve as a tool to connect more professional females with the media and make sure they have the same opportunities as male professionals, in addition to promoting their profiles and work among the public. The database will showcase the work of female professionals making them more visible to producers and new work projects, and therefore encourage female professionals to expand both the style and scope of work they take on. The directory will include biographies and contacts of women film makers from Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunis and Egypt.

Together with UNESCO, the European Union, and Sweden Sverige, and in partnership with UN Women, Abi Rafraf Association, MENA Media Monitoring and SUD Ecriture, the online directory is created by Fe-Male Feminist Collective and Dawaer Foundation and it gathers Arab female film professionals in the Maghreb-Mashreq region.

About Fe-Male

Fe-Male is a civil feminist collective working with women and girls to eliminate injustice through building young feminist movement, empowering agents of change, and campaigning together against discriminatory norms and policies. Our vision is a world free of patriarchy, while we work towards achieving our strategic goals by contributing to building a young feminist movement in the region through spreading and deepening feminist knowledge and activism, mobilizing youth, challenging women’s objectification and stereotyping in Media and ads, and developing the capacities of women, girls and activists on creative and digital activism to ensure their cyber security and fight violent extremism.

About Dawaer

Dawaer is committed to increasing the resilience of children and youth through promoting their rights and empowering them and mobilizing their critical thinking to become responsible global citizens who are capable of expressing themselves freely and be agents of change. Dawaer focuses on enhancing Human right values and skills, where gender and gender stereotypes is a major component, and challenges the critical thinking of individuals through its media literacy and capacity development programs so they can provide alternative messages and stories to the existing information.

In the framework of the UNESCO regional programme co-funded by the European Union “Enhancing a gender responsive film sector in the Maghreb- Mashreq region”/MED FILM

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