• First Name Arab
  • Surname Loutfi
  • Country of Origin Lebanon
  • Country of Residence Egypt


Arab loutfi is a film maker, writer, and journalist at the Film Faculty at (AUC). She graduated from the High Cinema Institute 1976.
After working for many years on feature films, with Mohammad Khan and Atef Altayeb, she moved to documentary film making. Her first documentary was intensely personal.
"The Upper Gate" was about Sidon, her home town; in which she wove a history of the city through the stories of its people. Her second film "Jamila’s mirror" dealt with the memories of Palestinian Female guerilla fighters, currently in their forties, who were involved in military operations during their teen years. By taking just two steps out of the world which the middle class and intellectuals inhabit she finds a life in which people have their own music, cultural tastes and passions. She started with her film" Seven nights and a dawn", followed by" Rango", then "The Egyptian wedding". Many other films followed including; "Short visit", "Stories from Gaza", "Bird of Prudence", "Playing with democracy", "Dark room Radiant life", "Tell your tale little bird", "Over their dead bodies" and "A fighter even when having her morning tea". she was a main organizer and Teacher in workshops on Documentary Film making. She is a Journalist a film critic and a writer to many periodicals and Seminars . She was a jury member in many film festivals including Aljazeera film festival, Dubai International film Festival, Docu-days film festival , Ismailia film festival and others. She was a Guest of Honor and a visiting Artist in many international film Festivals and Events.
She is an active member in the “Arab documentary film makers union”, and the “Egyptian film critics union “



2014 Director: Mokatila Hatta waheya To’ed Shay Alsabah “A fighter even when she’s preparing the morning Tea”, Documentary Film 55 minutes. Independent Production 2008 .
Director, Ala Ajsadehim “over their dead bodies, documentary film 110 minutes.
Independent production
2007: Director, Ehki ya Asfoura “Tell your tale little bird ", documentary film 92 minutes.
Independent production
2006: Director, gorfa mothlema , hayat mode'a "Dark room Radiant life", documentary film, 62 minutes, Produced by Egyptian national film center
2005: Director, Al lo'b bi Al democratia "playing with democracy", documentary film, 53 minutes, Produced by O3 Productions
2004: Director, Al-Hajj Madbouly, documentary episode, 60 minutes, Under the Spotlights Series, Produced by Orbid. Director, Ahmad Gaber, documentary episode, 60 minutes, under the Spotlights Series, Produced by Orbid
2003: Director, Tayr Al-Hathar (Bird of Prudence), documentary film, 60 minutes, on the writer and poet Ibrahim Nasrallah, Produced by Mer’ah Media. 2001: Director, Hekayat Min Ghaza (Stories from Gaza), documentary film, 60 minutes, on poet and political activist May Sayegh, Produced by Mer’ah Media.
2000: Director, and Editor Zeyara Qasira (Short Visit), documentary film, 70 minutes, Independent production.
1999: Director, Al-Farah Masry (The Egyptian Wedding), documentary film, 38 minutes, Produced by the Satellite Nile Specialized Channels
1998: Director, Rango, documentary film, 40 minutes, Produced by the Satellite Nile Specialized Channels.
1998 : Director, Saba’ Layali Wa Sobheya (Seven Nights and a dawn), documentary film, 50 minutes, Produced by the Satellite Nile Specialized Channels.
1993: Director, Mer’ah Gamila (Jamila's Mirror), documentary film, 25 minutes, Produced by the British Channel Four. 1991: Director, Bawabat Al-Fawqa (The upper Gate), documentary film, 90 minutes, (16 mm cinema) Assistant Directorship in Feature Films
1992: Al-Gharqana (The Drowning), directed by Mohamed Khan
1989: Super-Market, directed by Mohamed Khan
1989: Qalb Al-Layl (The Night’s Heart), directed by Atef Al-Tayeb
1988: Ahlam Hind Wa Kamiliya (The Dreams of Hind and Kamelya), directed by Mohamed Khan
1986: Zawgat Ragol Mohem (The Wife of a VIP), directed by Mohamed Khan
1983: Kharag Wa Lam Ya’od (Lost), directed by Mohamed Khan

Position / Profession

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Education level Graduate from Cairo film institute
  • Years of experience Since 1982 till recent
  • Employment Freelance
  • Company Name Adjunct at AUC
  • Year of service 9 years

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