• First Name dana
  • Surname jendasi
  • Country of Origin Jordan
  • Country of Residence Jordan


I have been passionate about art through my teenager years and into my adulthoods.
I am a very proud of my achievements that stemmed from my passion for trends, colour, shapes, and simply express myself. So, I decided to follow through my interests in the industry and further my studies in university, graduated with a bachelor’s in arts \ interior design.
During collage, I held a part time job as a blogger writing my own thoughts and ideas in fashion and home décor.

I worked for seven years as an interior designer, I loved it but always had a curiosity to create more. Until one of the largest production houses in Amman asked for an architect to join their team as a production designer assistant. And I got it!. I learned a lot about movies, sets and costumes.
We built cities, made medieval props, work on characters, and design costumes from scratch. being in a set was satisfying for me so I worked as production designer and wardrobe stylist for the past five years.

Now I work as a fashion stylist of Al Mamlaka tv. a first Jordanian news channel. I create looks for every and each presenter from outfits to supervising the makeup and hair design.
From day one, I believe that I can making a valuable contribution to any firm or project I work with. I possess a wide range of abilities that combine innovative art and design principles.
I would very much to broaden my experiences and see what is next!



- Malik ibn al Rayb ( historical) - Production Designer
- Ghalies season 3 (bedouin) - Production Designer
- Ghalies season 4 ( bedouin) - Costume Designer
- Hashashoon ( historical) - Production Designer
- Wasyeh ( Bedouin) - Production Designer
- Awlad al haram ( Short movie) - Production Designer
- Click ( modern) - Prop Designer
- Qahwa ( modern) - Set and Props Designer
- The View Finder (Bedouin short movie )- Production Designer - Numerous of ads for Queen Rania foundation ( edrak ) - Production Designer and Costume Designer
- ADs for Samsung in coordination with Mugshot Productions
- Short documentary for Bank al Etihad - Production Designer -
- Orange Jordan Photoshoot – Production
- Star wars (international movie) – Wardrobe Assistant
- Al mamlaka tv ( channel) – Stylist
- The box ( web series) – Production Designer & Stylist

Position / Profession

  • Production Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Years of experience 6
  • Company Name almamlaka tv
  • Year of service 2018

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