• First Name Deema
  • Surname Dabis
  • Country of Origin Jordan
  • Country of Residence Jordan


My name is Deema Dabis, I am a Palestinian, Jordanian, American filmmaker ( Writer / Director), storyteller and workshop facilitator based out of Amman, Jordan. I am fascinated by stories that seamlessly weave together indigenous folklore and mythology with current realities and the unspoken desires that often lurk just beneath the surface of human beings. My work is female driven and seeks to tell stories that are not often included in the mainstream. I have a BA in Journalism from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and an MFA in Cinematic Storytelling from The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts with a focus in screenwriting and editing. My short film SHAKE (2014) was screened at festivals worldwide.

I am currently developing my semi-autobiographical feature film THE SUFI CIRCUS with my Producer and sister Cherien Dabis (AMREEKA / MAY IN THE SUMMER / RAMY). I am also Producing and in post production for the short film FROM THE MOUNTAIN, a historical narrative film about Sultan Basha Al Atrash, the leader of the Great Syrian Revolt of 1925.

I am passionate about making film and storytelling a tool that is accessible to everyone. I have given film workshops to underprivileged populations in Jordanian towns and refugee camps, teaching filmmaking to students using simple tools like smartphones. My love for story has led me to guiding university students from the University of Hamburg, Jordan University and New York University Abu Dhabi in finding creative ways to share personal stories through video and performance.

I also work freelance in the budding Jordanian film industry on short projects as a production manager and an editor for short films and videos in addition to transcribing English and Arabic videos.



Production Manager in Jordan for Danish feature documentary film “OMAR” by producer Signe Byrge Sorenson, January 2020.
Producer of short film that is a proof of concept for TV series in development FROM THE MOUNTAIN Directed by Faisal Attrache. May 2016 to present (currently in post production).
Director / Editor for music video by musician Tareq Naffa WHAT I NEED TO KNOW 2019.
Writer/Director for feature film in development THE SUFI CIRCUS 2016 to present.
Production Manager, GIVE UP THE GHOST, a short film by Zain Durie, produced by Alaa Alasad, April 2019.
Treatment and synopsis Translator (Arabic to English) for WHALES OF THE DEAD SEA TV series project for Ro’ya TV station. April 2019.
Production Manager, KADY - AMBASSADORS OF THE FUTURE, for “GIZ and CFI”. March 2019.
Editor for youth film workshop with ‘Care International’ and ‘Epic Digital’ in Azraq. JO. Nov. 2018.
Production Coordinator / Local Fixer in Jordan for French Production company ‘Continental Productions’ on their multi country documentary project VOLTALIA – AT THE SERVICE OF THE EARTHLING. Ma’an, JO. May 2018.
Editor for youth film workshop with ‘Care International’ and ‘Epic Digital’ in Azraq. JO. Sept. 2017.
Editor for CAN’T WAIT TO LEARN Standard Arabic Instructional Videos for NGO ‘War Child’. Amman, JO. April - July 2017.
Writer for feature script based on a book WARRIOR FROM HEAVEN by Rudayn Kakish. Amman, JO. Nov. 2016 - Feb. 2017.
Editor and Videographer, ‘Behind the Scenes’ for film THE CURVE. Amman. JO. May 2013.
Assistant to the Producer in pre-Production for THE CURVE. Amman, JO. February 2013.
Writer, Director, Editor for short film SHAKE Produced by the Royal Film Commission of Jordan. Amman, JO. April 2014.
Personal Assistant to Cherien Dabis for feature film MAY IN THE SUMMER. Amman, JO. July - Aug. 2013.
Co-Producer/Director and Editor for BEHIND THE MUSIC: 47 SOUL”. Amman, JO. May 2013.


  • Best Film for SHAKE at Tripoli Film Festival 2015
  • Special mention from the Jury at the Franco Arab Film Festival in Jordan in 2015

Position / Profession

  • Director
  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Education level MFA in Cinematic Storytelling from The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts
  • Years of experience 8
  • Company Name Freelance
  • Year of service 2012

Work History

Production Title Dates Your Role Contact Reference
Shake 2014-04-15 Writer / Director
May in the Summer 2013-06-15 Assistant to the Director
From the Mountain 2020-03-15 Producer

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