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  • First Name Farah
  • Surname ALHashim
  • Country of Origin Lebanon
  • Country of Residence France


Farah ALHashim (also Farrah Zaine) is an award-winning Kuwaiti-Lebanese filmmaker and journalist based in Paris. ALHashim has been making films since 2011 including 7 Hours, which won several awards at film festivals in 2013[1] and Breakfast in Beirut in 2015,[2] which was honored at multiple festivals.



Year Title Role Notes
2011 Marilyn Monroe in New York Writer, Director, Producer Official Selection in Central Florida Film Festival
2012 La Fraise Writer, Director, Producer Premiered in Warner Brothers Studios 2012
2013 7 Hours Writer, Director, Producer Awarded "Best Arab Short Film" in ECU Film Festival Paris 2014
Awarded "Best Screenplay" in Santa Monica Film Festival 2013

Awarded "Best Acting" in Santa Monica Film Festival 2013

Official Selection Cabriolet Film Festival

2015 Breakfast in Beirut Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer Nominated Film of the Year - Lebanese Film Fest Australia 2015
Award Best Film - Ministry of Culture - Lebanon 2015

Special Mention - Alexandria international film fest - Egypt 2015

Breakfast in Beirut art festival - 2015-2016 Venice - A festival dedicated to honoring the film. 3 months screening continuously in Venice and Rome

Premiered in Lebanon, Paris, Rome, and Egypt with full house nights.

2018 Ces Petits Riens, Little Nothings Actress, Director, Producer Official selection muscat international film festival 2018
Official selection Beirut women international film festival 2018

Official selection Austria film festival 2018

Official selection vancouver filmdance film festival 2018.

2018 Women of Kuwait Writer, Director, Producer
2019 le cinquième jour Writer, Director, Producer


  • Best Short film in European independent film festival 2014
  • Best screenplay in Santa Monica film festival 2013
  • Best acting in Santa Monica film Festival 2013
  • Ministry of Culture Post production Grant for Breakfast in Beirut 2015
  • Honorary Breakfast in Beirut Art Festival for Breakfast in Beirut film 2016 - Italy
  • Nominated Film of the Year for Breakfast in Beirut 2015
  • Best Director in Ministry of Culture awards 2015

Position / Profession

  • Casting Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Colorist
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Sound Designer
  • Writer
  • Education level Post Masters
  • Years of experience 8
  • Employment Self employed

Work History

Production Title Dates Your Role Contact Reference
Breakfast in Beirut 2015-06-20 Director / Producer /Writer
Ces Petits riens 2017-11-20 Director/Producer/ Writer
Women of Kuwait 2018-09-03 Director/Producer /Writer

In the media


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