• First Name FatmaZohra
  • Surname Zamoum
  • Country of Origin Algeria
  • Country of Residence France


Fatma Zohra is a scriptwriter, director and producer. She taught in Universities from 2004 to 2010. Fatma Zohra Zamoum was born in Bordj-Ménaiel in the north of Algeria. After attending the Fine Arts School in Algiers (1985–1988), she went to Paris where she graduated in Art History and Cinematography and Audiovisual Studies from the Sorbonne in 1995. She divides her time between Algiers and Paris, pursuing her principal interests, painting, fiction and cinema.



The True and Imaginary life of Aziz and Louise, narrative feature film, grant for writing from Ile de France Cinéma, 2016. In development. BODY + ART, documentary on art, 73 mn, Z et Compagnie Productions/Sacrebleu Productions/ZKM. 2019. PARKOUR(S) ex RESET, narrative feature film, 81 mn, Z et Compagnie Productions / Cinérêve Productions, 2019. RAJASTHANI RAI, feature film, funding for writing CNC (France), in development and pre-production. AZIB ZAMOUM, A STORY ABOUT LAND, docu drama, 73 mn, Z et Compagnie Productions and Algerian Tv, 2014. KEDACH ETHABNI, HOW BIG IS YOUR LOVE, feature film, 1h38, 35mm, Z et Compagnie productions, FDATIC (Algerian Ministry of Culture), AARC, EPTV, CCM, Algeria/ Morocco, 2011. BLACK DOCKER, SEMBENE OUSMANE, documentary, 52 mn, 2009, Les films d’un jour, Cinécinéma, France. Z’HAR, (UN)LUCKY, experimental feature film, production Les films du Cygne, Z et Compagnie production, 78 mn, HDV, 2009, France/Algeria. LA PELOTE DE LAINE, THE BALL OF WOOL, short film, production 5ème Planète, CNC, Arte, FASILD, ADAMI, Conseil Général du Val de Marne ,15 minutes, 35 mm, 2005.

Position / Profession

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Technician
  • Writer
  • Education level PHD level
  • Years of experience 20 years
  • Employment Freelance
  • Company Name no full-time work in a company

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