• First Name Hiba
  • Surname Faour
  • Country of Origin Lebanon
  • Country of Residence Lebanon


Bachelor degree in Audiovisual with 7 years of experience in TV and Cinema Production – Studied 1 year of Theater at the Lebanese University – INTERESTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: Attending Coaching courses (2020) – Participated in the training workshop “Promoting Gender Equality and Breaking Stereotypes About Women and Their Role in The Film Industry” organized by Fe-Male and Dawaer (2020) – Attended Level 1 and 2 of the Acting & Improvisation Workshop by Reine Saab (2019) – Host for META Lebanon event (2019) – Certificate in human resources about the ‘’Swiss Labor Law’’ from ‘San Recrutement’, Switzerland (2016) – Attended some classes in ‘’Cinema and Criminology’’ at UNIL, Lausanne (2016) – One year of Forensic Science at Unil, Lausanne (2015-2016) – Participated in the ‘’48h’’ and ‘’Film de poche’’ competitions in Lausanne (2015), and the ‘’Léman Bleu’’ competition in Geneva (2016) – Member of the association « FilmON(s) » in Lausanne, Switzerland (2015 – 2016) – Participated in the ‘’Grand Match d’Improvisation Interuniversitaire’’ with Nebil Këlem in 2015 – Worked in several pilots for ‘AL Jadeed’, ‘Shoot Productions’ and ‘Tele Liban’ – Played in few TVCs, reports, clips and movies – Certificate in ‘’Street Theater’’ (2013) – One semester of Business Administration at Saint Joseph University (2009-2010).



MOVIES 'Heartbreak' (Senior Movie 2014) – Editing and Mixing 'Mineral' (Movie for Filmons - 2015) – Producer 'Lahon w Habs' (Movie for Shoot Productions - 2019) – TV SHOWS Producer: Lahon w Bas, Khamsa w Khmesa, W Halla2 Shou, Noujoum Bila Houdoud (Special Episode), Esteksaa – Line Producer: Khedni Bhelmak – Assistant Producer: Lel Nasher, 3al Bekle, Bala Teshfir, Hayda Taba3 el Akhbar, Mesh Enta, Ahla Nas, Azizi el Moushahed, Betrehlak Meshwar, Kif Sahtak, Baadna ma3 Rabiaa, Khalli 3aynak 3al Jadeed – Production Coordinator: Hagopian TVC, Al Jazeera Morning Show (Hala Ajam and Marriage Segment) – Voice Over Talent for TVC’s and social media videos – Actress: short clip for Easter – campaign short movie

Position / Profession

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Education level Bachelor in Audiovisual (Saint-Joseph University 2014)
  • Years of experience 7 Years
  • Employment Freelance

Work History

Production Title Dates Your Role Contact Reference
Shoot Productions SAL 2017-10-01 Producer Feras Hatoum
Aljadeed TV 2013-09-01 Assistant and Line Producer Nada Halaoui
Millimeter Pro 2017-07-01 Production Executive Muhtadi Ali Ahmad

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