• First Name Lilia
  • Surname Sellami
  • Country of Origin Tunisia
  • Country of Residence Morocco


Lilia Sellami was born in Tunisia from a Tunisian father and a French mother. She is trilingual, speaking English, French and Arabic. Partly oriental and partly occidental, she has a multi-cultural background. From a very young age, Lilia Sellami became familiar with the creative process using pictures. She enters film sets, first as an extra and later as a production trainee and discovers the amazing possibility of telling stories and emotions with the use of a camera. Lilia then decided to make it her career and went on to study film making in France, graduating in 1998. She then very quickly started working as a camera assistant on project like ‘Star Wars – episode 1’ and collaborates with directors such as Sophie Marceau, Bernardo Bertolucci, David Mackenzie; Deepa Metha. She went on to work on an international level travelling the world and shooting authors movies as well as commercial projects. Based in Morocco since 2006, Lilia Sellami has also been collaborating with Moroccan directors, her unique look, vision and lighting style got Lilia involved on project treating about the social Arabic issues as a director of photography. She also kept working on international feature such as Man in Black, Mossul, Aquaman as an operator in Morocco and overseas. In marge of her evolution in the film industry, Lilia is developing her personal work around still photography. She likes to give her personal approach and views on her surrounding environment. Lilia is also exploring the volumes and perspective, treating with architectural photography and experience a different way of telling the space.



CINEMATOGRAPHER 2019 DYING FOR DIVORCE (Documentary) 2018 WE COULD BE HEROES (Documentary) 2017 BEHIND THAT WALL(Short) 2016 ZAMAN EL HOB(Documentary) 2015 SUPRADYNE (Commercial) 2015 AMAL (short) 2014 Casablanca fashion week (commercial) 2014 Maroc telecom (commercial) 2014 Coca Cola (Commercial) 2013 ACTIVIA (commercial) 2013 MAROC TELECOM (commercial) 2012 OMO (commercial) 2011 FEMME ÉCRITE (feature) 2009 KARKOUBI (short) 2006 SBAH EL KHIR (short) 2006 CONTRETEMPS (short) OPERATOR 2018 DEEP STATE 2 (tv serie) daylies operator 2018 MISS FISHER&THE CRYPT OF TEARS (feature) 2018 UNTITLED MEN IN BLACK (Feature) 2018 HANNA (tv serie) 2018 MOSUL (feature) 2018 Marie magdalena (tv serie) 2017 SWORDS AND SEPTRES (Feature) 2017 AQUAMAN (Feature) (VFX Operator) 2017 THE LOOMING TOWER(Tv Serie) 2017 DEEP STATE (Tv serie) 2016 THE NIGHT MANAGER(Tv qerie) 2014 TUT (TV Serie) FOCUS PULLER 2011 MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN (feature) 2010 L’AMANTE DU RIF (feature) 2010 THE END (feature) 2009 LES ENFANTS DE CASABLANCA (feature) 2008 WHAT’S COOKING (feature) 2007 THE PASSION (TV drama) 2007 THE OBJECTIVE (feature) 2007 ALI BABA (TV drama) 2006 THE MARK OF CAIN (documentary) 2006 HALLAM FOE (feature) 2004 LA TELE ARRIVE (feature) 2004 WATER (feature) 2006 LES 10 COMMENDEMENTS (documentary) 2005 CODEX /EARLY CHRISTIANITY (documentary) 2006 AU BONHEUR DES DAMES (short) 2006 FLOU (short) 2004 MAMA ROMA (short) 2004 FREDERIQUE AMOUREUSE (short) 2003 LE SECRET DE FATIMA (short) 2003 EMILIE EST PARTIE (short) 2003 MES 3 MOIS AVEC CHRISTINE (short) 2003 DORGA (short) 2002 KHRMISSA (short) CLAPPER LOADER 2003 ASYLUM (feature) 2002 THE DREAMERS (feature) 2002 YOUNG ADAM (l feature) 2002 REMAKE (feature) 2002 PARLEZ MOI D’AMOUR (feature) 2001 LE CHIGNON D’OLGA (feature) 2001 SEXY BOYS (feature) 2001 REINE D’UN JOUR (feature) 2000 LA CONFUSION DES GENRES (feature) 1999 ALICE IN WONDERLAND (feature) 1998 PEUT-ETRE (feature) 1997 STARWARS EPISODE ONE (feature) (Trainee) 1997 DEMAIN JE BRULE (feature)

Position / Profession

  • Cinematographer
  • Education level Bac +2
  • Years of experience 23
  • Employment Freelance

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