• First Name Manar
  • Surname Saad El Masri
  • Country of Origin Lebanon
  • Country of Residence Lebanon


Manar Saad, 30 years old. I currently work at Al Maydeen TV at the Promotion Department. I am an enthusiastic, focused and organized person who is passionate towards creativity and advertising. I have worked on some of the most innovative independent media projects since 2007, and in my present Job at al Mayadeen TV channel, I have worked on many promotions and cultural documentaries. All I can say about myself is someone with the engineering expertise, technical versatility, and production know-how to get the job done right the first time. I have earned my Master's degree in “information and communication” from Saint Joseph University. I also have relevant work experience in the area of filmmaking, news\program editing, production, and others. In addition to that, I have learned during my educational experience, especially through my masters, how to keep professional contact with people in this field, to draft memos and make research frameworks.



٢٦ شباط " "February ٢٦" A documentary- year of production -٢٠ June ٢٠١١ Keshtben", in June ٢٠١٣. Keshtben” participated in "Mishkal Festival" (BEIRUT)/“Pisek international film festival"(Czech Republic)/ Festival International du Film Amateur de Kélibia (FIFAK - TUNISIE) / Cairo international women festival (CAIRO) / Bilbao and NICARAGUA International Unseen Film Festival (Festival de Cine Invisible) (KESHTBEN MOVIE) Directed a documentary named: الأخوة سحاب A biography documentary about 3 brothers from Sahab Family Till present “SAHAB BROTHERS “won best Lebanese film at the Lebanese international short-films 2017, TYR And jury special prize at “ORA UNION FILM FESTIVAL" Sahab Brothers Participated in 6 festivals -Tyr international short film festival -Alexandria short film festival -Ora union short film festival -Lebanese independent film festival -Barcelona Planet flm Festival -Steps international short film festival and now it will participate in "Visions Film Festival"( Cairo)

Position / Profession

  • Assistant Director
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Education level Masters degree in " information and communication"
  • Years of experience 8 Years
  • Employment Full time
  • Company Name Al Mayadeen Tv
  • Year of service 2011

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