• First Name Marah
  • Surname Elwadiya
  • Country of Origin PALESTINE
  • Country of Residence PALESTINE


I have interest in Journalism due to the events the OPT suffers from, particularly Gaza Strip which provides a fertile ground for political and social developments. I see myself capable of being creative in this field especially in women issues, since I am a woman and I am affected by the unjust society.



Reporting for AJPlus Arabic Conducting researches for the stories and features for the production and assisting the correspondent with developing the story line. Reporting on humanitarian situation in Gaza with special focus on health, education, development and agriculture, and Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan. Providing regular daily reports and during emergencies, on the overall political, socio-economic and cultural situation in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq on social media. Measure audience interaction on social media and reporting to AjPlusArabi. Producer for the activities Issues in the Middle east, and set up daily reports about this. Analyzing data collected for the research. Data analyses and recommendations. Writing final report. Producing monthly reports on special topics of import to Palestine. Establishing direct relations and contacts with key public figures in the community and political analysts to enrich the stories and reports. Monitoring the implementation of action plan against indicators, outputs and outcomes (Check the quality of reports; assist in employing ideas and issues as episodes subjects.

Position / Profession

  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Education level BA Journalism
  • Years of experience 5
  • Employment Freelance

In the media


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