• First Name Menna
  • Surname Ekram
  • Country of Origin Egypt
  • Country of Residence Egypt


Menna Ekram is a writer/director from Egypt. She has a bachelor's degree in Media, a Diploma in Film Subtitling and an MFA in Cinematic Arts (majoring in Screenwriting and Editing) from the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts (RSICA), a school affiliated with the University of South California. She is recipient of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship and studied an MA in Feature Filmmaking at Bath Spa University. Menna has worked as freelance writer for both documentaries and TV drama. She has writing credits on: the hit TV show “Heba Crow’s Feet” a 180-episode series, which is the Egyptian adaptation of “Ugly Betty”; the social drama “Seventh Neighbor”, the 60-episode saga which smashed rating records with almost 22 million views. Menna has written more than 10 short fiction films, some of which were commissioned by UN Women, GTZ and other regional organizations. She is also a feminist activist who co-founded the Ikhtyar initiative and launched the first feminist cinema club in Egypt, which was shut down by the authorities in 2016. In 2015, She went on to write/direct/produce her award-winning short film “The Wheel”, which premiered at Dubai International Film Festival and went on to screen in more than 17 festivals in Switzerland, India, Argentina, Hong Kong, China and Lebanon. In addition, Menna has experience working in Marketing, Advertising, Journalism and Training.



Director: Short film “Colorblind” - 2019 Short film “The Wheel” – 2015 Short film “Tangled Wires” – 2010 Short Documentary “Eros” – 2010 Video Clip “Ka’si” – 2010 Writer: Web Series “Zodiac” – 2019 – Film Clinic (Cairo) Web series “Love, Old school” – 2018 – U turn (Dubai) TV series “Seventh Neighbor” – 2016 – The Producers Short film “The Wheel” – 2015 TV sitcom “Heba Crow feet” – 2012/2013 – Sony Egypt/ Beelink productions Short film “All is one” – 10 minutes (produced by Arascope) - 2013 Short film “The name is Female” – 10 minutes (produced by Arascope)- 2013 Short film “That’s it” – 10 minutes (produced by MADEV) - 2013 Short videos about parenting for UN-WOMEN Egypt (produced by Arascope) - 2012 Audiovisual material to a self-help book for women (produced by Arascope) - 2012 Short film “In Frame” – (12 minutes) 2011 Short film “Song of Silence” – (12 minutes) 2011 Producer: “Colorblind” – short film - 2019 “The Wheel” – short film – 2015 Assistant Director in the short film “Hope Maker” - 2012 “Paying Back” – short film – 2010 “Off Beat” – short documentary – 2010 “Fragaria” – experimental short – 2010 “Ka’si” – video clip – 2010 Editor: “The dark outside” – short film – 2012 “Ka’si” – video clip – 2010 “Nomadic” – short documentary – 2010 Art Department: Production Designer in the film “Sight” – 12 minutes Production Designer in the film “Song of Silence” – 12 minutes Production Designer in the film “Room 13”- 12 minutes Production Designer – short film “Fragaria” Production Designer – short film “No big deal” Assistant Production Designer – short film “The Valley” Assistant Costume Department – Video Clip “Forever 23”


  • Best Film Award - The Wheel - 7. 12th Rencontres d'images Film Festival - Egypt

Position / Profession

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Education level Master's
  • Years of experience 8
  • Employment Freelance

In the media


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