• First Name Nada
  • Surname Harib
  • Country of Origin Libya
  • Country of Residence Libya


I am Nada Harib, a freelance photographer and a film maker based in Tripoli, Libya. I started Photography as a serious hobby about 7 years ago and my passion for filming grew afterwards. My work is focusing on documenting people’s daily lives and through my journey abroad through photography and films. I am very interested in creating works that embody story tellings and artistic visions.



Early one morning, I rashly went to the bridge “Vecchio Ponte” in Pavia, Italy to take only one footage of the rapid river” “Ticino river” and happened to make sequences of the rest of the footages. My absolute passion for nature is very strong thus I found myself falling through the space of the deep river conveying visually my connection to the nature and to myself as a human being. It’s a project that aims to create the world I make intuitionally and my way of expression towards nature. It was my first attempt in making this film and my first experience on this field through which I learnt taking technically and where I did my first exploring and experimenting toward the art of filming. Currently, I am working on documentary films focusing on women's stories and their challenges they face during their process of their achievements in Libya.

Position / Profession

  • Visual effects
  • Education level graduate student
  • Years of experience 7 years
  • Company Name freelancer
  • Year of service 7 years

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