• First Name Nathalie
  • Surname Rbeiz
  • Country of Origin Lebanon
  • Country of Residence Portugal


Nathalie was born on the 2nd of June 1994, in Beirut-Lebanon. In her early high school years, she became mesmerized by cinema, so she studied audiovisual and cinematography at "Saint-Joseph University" in Beirut, Institute of Scenic Cinematographic and Audiovisual Arts (IESAV). During her bachelor, she started building up a strong passion towards "Editing", so she pursued a career in film editing. Nathalie experienced filmmaking in the fiction and documentary sector, and found herself more into documentaries. She afterwards won the Audience prize for her first short documentary “Strong Will” – 2015; she pursued her dream in Documentary filmmaking, after graduation 2016, so she submitted for Documentary Filmmaking Joint Erasmus Masters: DocNomads which takes place in 3 different countries (each semester in a country, for 2 years, Portugal – Hungary – Belgium). Now, she is currently in her third semester in Brussels, in this program. But that never stopped her from loving and working in Editing before and after leaving her country. For her, it is a very important phase, it is a second directing, it’s magic: “the less you notice the cuts, the better is the editing work”. It taught her more about filmmaking and her aim is to further develop her skills as a junior editor. Documentary Filmmaking for Nathalie is not only a career or passion but also a must and a responsibility, she feels the need to write the history from her point of view, not to ignore what is happening around her; especially that she is affected by what is happening around her in her country, so Nathalie is intrigued by the social – political topics, and open to try different subjects.



Nathalie's passion is editing specially films: documentaries and fiction, she edited many independent shorts like a fiction by Nadim Hobeika "Before we heal", mockumentary by Jihad Marhaba "Missed Fortunes", documentary by Mohamad Abduni " Anya Kneez", not to forget to mention the diploma project she edited like "The shield that I carry" by Basma Farhat, "Imagine Azrael" by Rebecca Tawk . Nathalie also worked in commercial ads and video clips, she assisted in a feature length documentary by Eliane Raheb, and now she is starting for her first time a new edit on a feature documentary by a Lebanese director.


  • audience prize

Position / Profession

  • Director
  • Editor
  • Education level Master's
  • Years of experience 4
  • Employment Freelance

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