• First Name Nesma
  • Surname Zazou
  • Country of Origin Egypt
  • Country of Residence Egypt


Nesma Zazou is an Egyptian Writer/director with more than 9 years of experience in the media & film industry. She holds a master's degree in film Directing from Met Film School, University of West London. She is a Documentary lecturer at MSA university, Egypt. Her short film “Sayeda” won the best film award in the National film festival and was selected in some festivals like BBC Festival, the short film corner “Festival de Cannes”, Dubai film festival Cinetech, Luxor film Festival Panorama, Zawya film festival, Beirut film festival, and Clermont Ferrand” film market. She finished writing her first feature film and is in the pitching phase.



Baloon, (2008), Short film, Fiction Comedy (Writer/ Director) Silhoutte, (2010), Short film, Fiction Comedy (Writer/ Director) Identity without papers, (2011), Short Documentary (Writer/ Director) On a light of a Candle, (2012), Short Documentary (Director/Cinematographer) ABAJOURA, (2013), Short Fiction (Assistant director) “Sansaft; We made everything from water”, (2012), Short Documentary. (Director) Liers, (2012), Short Documentary (Reportage). (Director/Cinematographer) Feron(Pharoh) TV Series Starring Khaled Saleh. 2013 (Assistant Director) Not Minority, (2014), Short Documentary. (Director/Editor) Status Update, (2015), Short film, Fiction Drama. (Writer/ Director) Finding Home, (2015), Documentary (Creative). (Writer/ Director) Higher Education in Egypt, (2015), Documentary. (Director/Cinematographer.Editor) Keep it away, London(2016), Fiction Drama. (Writer/ Director) I've been thinking I've been thinking, London(2016), Fiction Drama. (Writer/ Director) Sayeda, (2017), Fiction Drama, (Writer/ Director)
Nominations & Awards: Best short film, National Film Festival, Cairo 2018. The short film corner “Festival de Cannes 2017”. "BBC Arabic film Festival” Official selection. ”Dubai international film festival” Cinetech. “Luxor African film festival” Panorama. “Clermont Ferrand” Film Market. “Zawya film Festival” Official selection. “Cinema LE Kol El Nas” Beirut Film Festival “Official Selection”. Mercy Doors (2018), Short Fiction (Assistant Director). Women Men & Children. (2018), Short Documentary (Writer/ Director) Gears (2018), Short Documentary (Director/Cinematographer.Editor)


  • Best Short film

Position / Profession

  • Director
  • Writer
  • Education level MA Directing films, MET FILM SCHOOL, University of west London.
  • Years of experience 10
  • Company Name ElWatan News
  • Year of service 2012

In the media


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