• First Name Rana
  • Surname Hashem
  • Country of Origin Egypt
  • Country of Residence Egypt


Egyption Filmmaker, Born in Iraq, in1977 // Independent Bloger , script writer, filmmaker/editor, and director of documentary and short feature films. Participated in multiple national and international film festivals, including in Berlin, Egypt, India, Iraq, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, and Sweden. Won multiple awards. I am currently in the final stages of film editing and in the process of completing a documentary called the “The Story of a Word that Led to Revolution; Egyptian Bloggers”. Passion for filmmaking; Knowledge of the technicalities involved in filmmaking; Artistic vision, and creative and leadership skills; Sound understanding and experience in the editing process; Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; Ability to handle and work under pressure



Echo” This is the story of a woman who lives alone. One day she returns home to find a thief trying to rob her apartment. She does not try to call the police or even scream and he, the thief, does not try to kill her or to find a way to run away. Through this movie you will discover the way they dealt with this awkward dramatic situation. My Role – Director. “Happiness” A short feature film titled, “Happiness”. My Role – Director, Editor, and Cinematographer. Awards and Film Festivals Participation • 2015 – Selected to participate in Kino Kahira for Film Making in Berlin, Germany. “Al Nawar” A short feature film titled, “Al Nawar”. My Role – Executive Producer and Assistant Director. Awards and Film Festivals Participation • The film was shown and awarded “Best Film” and “Best Cinematography” Awards at multiple film festivals held in Baghdad, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Lebanon, Morocco, Sultanate of Oman, and Turkey. Other Projects • Films Director - “The Story of a Word that Led to Revolution; Egyptian Bloggers”. Assistant Director – “Al Nawar”, “Close-Up”, “Photo”. Filmmaker/Editor - “Happiness”, “Close Up”, the promo for “The Story of a Word that Led to Revolution; Egyptian Bloggers”, “Orphan day at Misr International University” short films. All films were part of the “Kino Kahira” Workshop. Screenwriter and Director - “Yehya Taher Abdallah, The Writer”, “Quail Hunting”, “O’ Sea”, “About the City of Borollos” documentaries, and “The Thin Tunic” short film; the latter was shown my graduation project from First Step Workshop and was shown at Saqyet Elsawi. • Advertisements Directed the TV advertisement for Dr. Sherif Arafa’s book (a renown Egyptian writer and caricaturist) called “How to become a Human Being”.


  • Awards and Film Festivals Participation • 2015 – Best Cinematography Award, Khartoum International Film Festival, Sudan; Category: Short Films. • 2015 – Best Cinematography Award, Saqyet El Sawi, Egypt; Category: Short Films. • 2015 – Best Cinematography Award, Youssef Chahine Film Festival, Egypt; Category: Short Films. • 2014 – Best Director Award, 6th Baghdad International Film Festival, Iraq; Category: Arab Women Film Makers. • The film was also selected and shown in various international film festivals amongst which River Film Festival (RiFF) in Italy, Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden, Cabriolet Film Festival in Lebanon, Baghdad International Film Festival in Iraq, and Khartoum International Film Festival in Sudan.

Position / Profession

  • Director
  • Writer
  • Education level Mass Communication, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Years of experience 6 years
  • Employment Freelance
  • Company Name Freelancer
  • Year of service 6

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