• First Name Cynthia
  • Surname Choucair
  • Country of Origin Lebanon
  • Country of Residence Lebanon


Cynthia Choucair graduated from ALBA in 1998 and obtained a master's in film Directing from Iesav-USJ in 2002. She directed 9 fiction and documentary films of different lengths. Her short film, The Chair was selected in more than 35 festivals worldwide and won several prizes. In 2007, she established her production house, Road2films, producing documentaries, fiction films and cultural TV programs. Her last documentary Counting Tiles premiered at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam in 2018, in the Bright Future Competition and participated at various festivals around the world like Sheffield Doc/Fest, FIDBA - Buenos Aires, Guanajuato International Film Festival, XIV Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema - Brazil, RIDM - Montreal, KARAMA film festival – Amman, Aswan International Women Film Festival – Egypt and Mediterranean Cinema festival of Tetouan - Morocco. Cynthia teaches documentary filmmaking at ALBA University and she is a member of the Lebanese Cultural Association Beirut DC.



As a Writer and Director “Bimchi w B’idd” (Counting Tiles), Documentary, 85 min, 2018. Premiered in IFFR – International Film Festival of Rotterdam (Bright Future competition) and will participate in Docfest - Sheffield in June 2018 “Indama ya'ti al Zalam” (Powerless), Documentary, 54 min, 2012. Participated in Dubai Film Festival, Lebanese Film Festival, Film Fra Sor festival – Oslo “Elie Feyrouz”, Documentary, 14 min, 2003. Participated in Cinemed festival Montpellier - Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya Arab Film Festival. “Safar” (Travel), documentary, 30 min, 2003. Participated in Ayam Beirut al Cinema'iyya Arab film festival, the Amazigh Film Festival Wahran (Algeria) "Al Kursi" (The Chair), 16mm, 22 min fiction, 2002. Participated in more than 35 festivals worldwide: Cannes film festival “ 5th Cannes European Showcase” (KodaK, the film was compiled on DVD), Cinemed Montpellier, Gindou film festival, court c’est court festival (France), Arab film festival (Rotterdam), Montreal film festival, Hamburg film festival, Spirit of fire festival (Cyberia), Perugia festival, Medfilm festival (Italy), L’alternativa festival de cine (Spain), Short ends film festival (London),……. Prizes: -Best Lebanese short film – European film festival (Lebanon) -Best Lebanese short film – Festival international du court métrage des écoles de cinéma (Lebanon) -Jury’s special Price – Perugia, Italy - Audience Price – Perugia, Italy “Souwar min al hayat” (Pictures of Life), experimental video, 8 min, 2000. “Des Choux et des “chous?”, super 8mm, 5 min, fiction, 2000. Participated in Ayam Beirut al Cinema'iya Arab Film Festival. "Anonymes", 5 min, experimental, 1998. “El Haouch”, Fiction, 14 min, 1998. Participated in Med Film Festival Italy, Women in the Director Chair US, Institut du monde Arabe France... Prizes: Best sound award at Beirut Film Festival, and the second prize / Future TV competition. As Producer/Co-producer Ma Tabaqqa Lana, Rasa'el Kanafani, Documentary, 54 min, Directed by Jad Abi Khalil, Produced by Cynthia Choucair (Al Jazeera Documentary Channel 2016) Al Shaqiqa, Documentary, 47 min, Directed by Rania Rafei, Produced by Cynthia Choucair (Al Jazeera Network 2013) Memories of the walls, Documentary, 48 min, Directed by Ali Zarakit, Produced by Cynthia Choucair (Al Jazeera Documentary Channel 2012) I’d Die for the Moto, Documentary, 52 min, Directed by Pierre Abou Jaoude, Produced by Cynthia Choucair (Al Jazeera Documentary Channel 2011) I Used to Sleep on the Rooftop, Documentary, 61 min, Directed By Angie Obeid, Co-produced by Cynthia Choucair (Beirut DC/Road2Films 2017), Mention Spéciale premier film at FidMarseille 2017 The Disappearance of Goya, Directed by Tony Geitani (Ashkal Alwan 2017), co-produced by Cynthia Choucair / Road2films The people of Nejmeh, Documentary, 52 min, Directed by Jonathan Cadiot, Co-produced by Cynthia Choucair (2015) My Father Looks Like Abdel Nasser, Documentary, 32 min, Directed by Farah Kassem, Co-produced by Cynthia Choucair (2012) Special mention Award, Dubai international Film Festival 2012. Official Selection AYAM BEIRUT Al Cinema'iya 2013, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013, IMAG'IMA - Arab World Institute in Paris 2013, ZwergWerk Film Festival in Oldenburg - Germany – 2013, États généraux du film documentaire de LUSSAS - Route du doc - 2017 links to director’s previous work: Counting Tiles, Documentary, 2018, Arabic, English and French with English subtitles Password: Countingtiles2018R2F The Chair, Short Fiction, 22 min, 2002, Arabic with English subtitles Password: Lachaise2002 Powerless, Documentary, 54 min, 2012, Arabic with English subtitles Password: Powerless2012

Position / Profession

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Education level Diploma in Audio visual studies from ALBA
  • Years of experience 1998 till present
  • Employment Self employed
  • Company Name Road2films
  • Year of service Since 2007 till present

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