• First Name Hind
  • Surname Shoufani
  • Country of Origin Jordan
  • Country of Residence United Arab Emirates


Hind Shoufani is a Palestinian/American/Jordanian writer/filmmaker. Born in Lebanon as a refugee in 1978, she has lived in Amman, Beirut, and Damascus. In 2002, she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship from Jordan to complete an MFA from NYU in film from the Tisch School for the Arts. She has directed several 16MM/video shorts, in fiction, documentary and experimental forms. For the past 20 years, she's been a reporter, writer, producer, director, translator and an editor, working in NYC, DC, Beirut, Amman and Dubai. She is currently a freelance director/producer in the Middle East and an active poet and founder of the spoken word group “Poeticians”. She has authored/edited several books, in literature, poetry and photography. In May 2015, she completed a personal feature length art house documentary, titled “Trip Along Exodus”, about the secular PLO Fateh factions and the leftist Palestinian revolution through an intimate family journey with her father, which has screened in more than 20 cities, won two awards and continues to travel. She's currently in post-production on “They Planted Strange Trees” her second feature length documentary and editing her third book of poetry as well.



Hind Shoufani

Producer & Director
120 Minutes- In post production in 2020

WE TAKE BACK MOUNTAINS- Poetic Documentary
Director & Writer & Editor
8 Minutes- 2019

THE POETICIANS- Video Art Documentary Series
Camera & Producer & Director
Five Part Series- In production

THE PRESENT–– Fiction Short
Co-Writer & Editor
22 Minutes- 2020

TRIP ALONG EXODUS–– Multi-Media Documentary
Producer & Director
120 Minutes- 2015

Writer & Performer & Editor
60 Minutes- 2009

CARENCIA–– Fiction Feature/MFA thesis
Writer & Director & Editor
80 minutes- 2006

NEWROSES–– Fiction Short
Writer & Director & Editor
12 Minutes- 2003

MEDICAL M BARBIE–– Documentary
Writer & Director & Editor
12 minutes- 2003

PLACES ON THE INSIDE–– Experimental fiction
Writer & Director & Editor
5 minutes- 2002

WRITTEN ON THE BODY–– Adapted Experimental Fiction
Writer & Director & Editor
14 minutes-1999

Director & Editor
12 minutes- 1998


Emirates Red Crescent Brand Film
Mamemo Productions- Director
Directed a 6-minute film on the international work for the ERC, screened at the inauguration of the new HQ in Abu Dhabi.

National Geographic Abu Dhabi
Spotlife Films- Researcher/writer
Researched and wrote 8 bilingual scripts on the protected natural habitats of Sharjah.

Shindagha 2B Museum for Dubai Municipality
Empty- Producer, Director, Writer
Between February and May 2019, Hind produced and directed, and supervised the editing and color correction of 17 films for two museums in the Dubai Historic District, named “People and Faith” and “Emerging city”.

Land Rover - “Rediscovery”
Spark 44- Producer/Director/Editor
Produced and directed a documentary in Dubai and RAK, using vintage 8mm footage and photos of the Trucial States in the 1960’s. This never seen before footage found in the UK was the inspiration for a 3-Minute film for Land Rover, who released the campaign film to celebrate their 70th year Jubilee anniversary. The film was viewed over 1.5 million times.

Shindagha Historic District of Dubai
Barker Langham, RAA, TGAC
Worked with various content and design companies, mainly based in the UK, to conceptualize, write, and research film briefs for five different museums of the Shindagha Dubai Historic District museum over two years between 2017-2019.

Capsule Arts
Created a 5-minute brand film for the team at Capsule Arts.

Digitas LBI/Prodigious- Director
Directed two comedic improv 1-minute videos for Mastercard on location at Atlantis.

Boomtown Productions -BTS videographer/photographer
Spent three days filming behind the scenes and photographing nature/crew on set in the desert in the UAE as part of a production for Shell showcasing car stunts and dune bashing.

Comedy Central Arabic
“Comedy Ala Al Waqef” show- Dubai Segment Director
Interviewed and directed shoots for 30 comedians performing in a show on Comedy Central Arabia, for social media, intro videos, behind the scenes and promos.

National Geographic Abu Dhabi
Nomad Productions- Director/Producer
Produced and directed a half-hour film on the Union of the UAE, through the retelling of history from the perspective of older people who experienced the changes in the country. Filmed in most of the 7 Emirates. Film was commissioned by the RTA to be screened on National Day, 2016.

Nabbesh Marketplace
Camera/Director/ Editor
Shot two days of interviews and on-site footage for Nabbesh Freelancer Marketplace at the STEP conference in Dubai. Made five films for Nabbesh.

Beach Polo Cup Dubai
Mamemo- Field producer for interviews
Organized and executed all sponsor and VIP interviews on video for the Beach Polo Cup Dubai, 2016 & 2017 & 2018.

Federal National Council
MAMEMO- Producer & Director & Event Support
Produced and directed a 5-minute film on the history of the council for the 44th celebration of the Federal National Council in the UAE, as well as coordinating content, scenography and the rundown of the show which included dance, poetry and song. Emirates Palace, February 2016.

RED BULL/ Lebanon
Chico- Producer/Director/Editor
Produced, directed and edited an 8-minute film for Red Bull on Ras Beirut, vinyl and the 50th anniversary of a shop named “Chico”, a cultural establishment selling records for fifty years.

Vimto- Ramadan Campaign
Strudel Films/ Epic Films- Director
Directed 3 films for Vimto in Dubai, Jordan, and NYC, centered on a campaign to reunite expats with their families for Ramadan.

Shufouna App
Leo Burnett/Epic Films- Director
Directed a 1.5 minute ad for the new art platform mobile application.

Birdie Agency- Director & Producer
Directed/produced six themed commercials for the mobile app Palringo.

GMC Sierra
Leo Burnett/Epic Films- Director
Directed four different 20-second retargeting videos for the GMC Sierra in Dubai.

Epic films/Strudel films- Director
Directed shoots for Unilever, creating webisodes for LUX based on a fashion contest happening in Saudi and Dubai. Directed five days of production and 4 episodes for the web on the story of the contest featuring Saudi & Emirati women.

Education For Employment- USA NGO
Director/Post Supervisor
Oversaw the edit of five films for their NGOs based in Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt and Morocco. 3-5 minutes long.

Dubizzle Dubai
Produced, co-directed and edited five videos for the launch of the new Dubizzle website featuring children.

Education for Employment, Washington DC
Director/Production Manager
Conceptualized and directed a 6-minute corporate film for EFE about its network of affiliated organizations, in Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and Morocco.

Olive Group
Directed, edited and produced a 27-minute training video for HR purposes in training and development of Emirati youth in managerial positions.

Core- Division of Starcom/Vivaki
Branded Entertainment consultant
Product placement, branded entertainment and integration of fast moving consumer products into TV shows, Films and radio programs- 3-month contract.

TDIC Videos
Directed a variety of short videos for TDIC in Abu Dhabi, ranging from a profile of a labor camp on Saadiyat Island to Dhow boats and fish markets.

Think Like Air- Director
Directed a 6-minute event video for TDIC for the Saadiyat Beach Classic Golf course charity event, as well as a 2-min video on children with special needs in Abu Dhabi.

Baynounah TV
Integrity Media- Director
Directed eight documentaries, all related to the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision, for broadcast on Baynounah TV.

Filmworks- Director
Directed a 6-minute video for TDIC for the launch of the Saadiyat Beach Classic Golf event.

Baynounah Group
Integrity Media- Director/Producer/researcher
Produced/Directed 30 episodes of a TV show titled “My life in my city”, in Arabic.

Abu Dhabi Art & Integrity Media- Producer/ On Site Director
Filmed on location at the Emirates palace for TDIC. Interviews, coverage, galleries, events and workshops. Supervised the editing of a 45 min documentary on Abu Dhabi Art.

GM/Chevrolet- Hiroshi and Osamu Campaign
Core- Director
Directed webisodes for Chevrolet featuring the characters Hiroshi and Osamu. A comic 8-part series, between 3-5 minutes each, released weekly on the MBC website.

Middle East International Film Festival
Animation Art - Story Producer/Segment reporter
Interviews with filmmakers/celebrities, coverage, research, editing and presenting segments for a daily 45 min show on Abu Dhabi TV.

Sheikh Zayed Book Award
Veritas Films- Producer
Produced two films for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award ceremony.

Abu Dhabi Excellence Award
Veritas Films- Producer
Produced eight short videos for the Abu Dhabi Excellence awards.

Higher Colleges of Technology
Integrity Media- Director
Directed a 7-minute film for the Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE.

Oman Oil Company
Integrity Media- Researcher
Corporate film on the Oman Oil Company. Travel, interviews, photography, research, casting.

Future TV Show “Ya Omri”
Signature Productions/ Future TV- Scriptwriter/Assistant Producer
Researched, wrote and coordinated the studio production of the weekly two-hour program “Ya Omri,” which featured the Arab World’s most significant artists, actors and musicians for a year.

Oyoun Beirut TV Show
Orbit Satellite TV- Reporter/Segment Director
Researched, wrote, presented on camera, directed and edited over 300 short documentaries for the daily three-hour, live show “Oyoun Beirut,” including cultural, artistic and political events for a year.

Disney Club
Future TV- Segment Director/Assistant Producer
Researched, directed, edited and produced short documentaries for “Disney Club” for several months.


  • Best film at Cairo International Women's Festival

Position / Profession

  • Director
  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Education level MFA in filmmaking
  • Years of experience 20
  • Employment Freelance

In the media


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